Managed staff w/ the experience you need to be successful



Global Workflow Solutions  provides Managed Staffing Services (MSS) to the legal and healthcare industries to increase bandwidth and lower costs. We place experienced staff members in our office in Ahmedabad, India who meet our client’s specific qualifications, level of experience and certifications. Our fees are flat for the year and about 1/3 the cost of building your own team in US. Our managed teams work just like a remote employee using your applications, processes, procedures, workflows and security guidelines. We take this one step further by managing your team(s) for you making sure they are completing the work efficiently and with the highest quality. 

Our leaders are process and workflow experts with over 100 years worth of combined operations experience providing eDiscovery (LPO) services and business process outsourcing (BPO) services across multiple industries on a global scale. They have spent the last five years fine tuning the "follow the sun" model so that it can effectively implement it with any company and achieve over a 99% quality deliverable. This model allows any company to keep their work moving twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.  Ultimately, we all  want to make our client's raving fans. 

We have built our company to meet our client's needs of a quality deliverable with clear communication and regular updates. We focus on efficiency and throughput all at a lower cost. Our team member's compensation is even structured to support efficiency as well as quality. Quality is so important that if we deliver work with an error, the work and the fix will not be billed. We have set client satisfaction as one of the most important items on everyone's agenda.

Come, "Follow the sun" with us!

Solutions in Managed Staffing Services

Managed Staffing for eDiscovery processing & hosting


Managed Staffing for Medical Coding in Litigation & Mass Tort


Managed Staffing for Medical Coding in Healthcare


Co-location of dedicated teams in India


Consulting & Custom Workflow Creation


Proven BPO, LPO & ALSP Providers

Supporting Work Life Balance


Managing teams in industries with high peaks and valleys in levels of work like eDiscovery and Healthcare is very difficult. Add to that, the needs for working nights, weekends and holidays and your team will struggle with work life balance and may leave. Replacing team members that leave for whatever reason is costly and time consuming. Replacement costs for a knowledgeable team members has been estimated between 70% and 200%. Using supplemental labor also reduces management and HR burdens. 

Experience is Key


 GWS provides experienced leadership and team members with multiple years of expertise in several laborious and complex industries. We also have multiple years of experience in building and using an overnight or "follow the sun" workforce. We have worked on matters across the globe including the US, UK, Germany, Poland and China.  Regardless of the platform or jurisdiction, our experts know how to successfully meet your deadlines and help you stay under budget. We never throw inexperienced staff at your projects. 

Partnering with our clients


  Our goal is to create the highest level of client satisfaction possible by assuring our client’s success. Communication is key, so we use best of breed collaboration and workflow tools that makes partnering with GWS simple and easy. We provide utilization reports and work with our clients to adjust to plans that make the most sense for them as they scale. Accountability is also key, if something is delivered incorrectly, than our clients do not pay for it. 

Follow the Sun Model defined

Our services are based on the Follow The Sun Model. It is a workflow model in which work is passed on to the offices located in different time zones. In this way work is done round-the-clock thereby reducing the project or support duration and increasing the responsiveness. It is normally implemented across at least two countries with different time zones. At the end of the day, the US team hands off their uncompleted tasks to the India team where it is the beginning of their work day. They continue to complete and deliver tasks overnight. The India team, at the end of their day, hands off uncompleted tasks back to the US team and the loop continues. In this model, the work literally follows the sun across time zones and never stops.  

Lower costs and lower burn out by "Following the Sun"