Custom workflow consultation and implementation

We have built hundreds of repeatable workflows that are focused on speed, quality and collaboration. We can help you build a workflow from scratch or we can assist you in refining an existing one. We can also assist in creating and implementing automation and tracking applications. Our team of experts will help you build a workflow that you, your team and your clients can depend on. 

Large eDiscovery project consulting

Large eDiscovery projects today often have a global footprint and are extremely complex from collection to processing and from review to production. How does a firm know if their vendor is really ready to handle the project? How does a firm know if the vendor is following proper processes and procedures throughout the life of the project? How does a firm know if they are paying the proper fees for the services provided? 

The law firm needs a partner that is working in their best interests and that will certify their project is set up and handled correctly as well as ensure the pricing that was agreed to is fair and followed. We are that partner and use our years of expertise in setting up large, global projects to ensure yours is handled properly and you receive the outcome you expect.   

Managed Services consulting

Managed Services providers are everywhere today. There are many varieties, structures, applications, options and prices. How does a law firm really know which one is right for them? After all, one size does not fit all. Over the past few years, technology has changed drastically and as a result, so has the needs of law firms and corporate legal departments. TJ now uses the experience he has gained over 21 years in litigation support, eDiscovery and managed services to help clients bring their services back in house in order to save costs and own their data.