About Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun defined

  Follow-the-sun is a workflow model in which work is passed on to the offices located in different time zones. In this way work is done round-the-clock thereby reducing the project or support duration and increasing the responsiveness. It is normally implemented across at least two countries with different time zones. At the end of the day, the US team hands off their uncompleted tasks to the India team where it is the beginning of their work day. They continue to complete and deliver tasks overnight. The India team, at the end of their day, hands off uncompleted tasks back to the US team and the loop continues. In this model, the work literally follows the sun across time zones and never stops.   

Why FTS often fails


Lack of experienced team members

Many business process outsourcing companies tell you they can provide the services you need. The problem you often face is that you have to train them which takes months and months and often fails.

Communication issues

Time zone, both spoken and written language uses, dialects, accents and cultural differences all create communication issues between the client and the service company. 

Lack of common goals

BPO type organizations are notorious for chasing metrics that mean absolutely nothing to you. You need a quality work product as quickly as possible, not utilization percentages. Pricing models often support increasing cost instead of keeping costs low and predictable. 

Time zones that are often opposite

There is often a 12 hour time difference between your office and the one that the company providing the service is in. This leads to all sorts of issues, miscommunication, frustrations and eventually failure. 


BPO companies often blame the directions they have received or the training they have been given for any errors that occur. There is not an easy way to hold team members accountable in a similar way that you would if they were in your office. 

How we make it work


Our leadership and our team members have worked together providing these services in a follow the sun model for many years. Over that time, we have worked in litigation applications providing hosting and processing services. You will not waste time trying us on the basics. We will only need to understand your workflows and custom needs. 

Incredible collaboration, communication and tracking

We utilize an amazing legal industry based tool that is built to simplify communication and to avoid the back and forth and follow ups created by email. We also have team members dedicated to making sure communication and directives are understood and clearly transcribed.  

Common goals and accountability

Our only goal in every office is to satisfy our clients. We focus on providing a quality work product consistently. Our team members all share in our company's success. As stated before, we never charge you for the hours spent if a mistake is made.