Medical Records Processing for Legal


Medical claims processing / coding

  • Objective field coding & data capture
    • Multiple fields can be captured in order to organize data for review or to perform key word searches across all data. We can capture facility, provider, date of service, document type and many others.  
  • Flagging of non-relevant documents & identification of missing records
    • Non-medical records (fax cover sheets, tabs, etc.) are flagged and even removed from active set per requirement. Documents that may have missing records based on content are flagged
  • Medical Record Summary
    • Narrative summaries providing review of the entire sequence of events
  • Capturing key data points
    • We identify and capture fields such as diagnoses, procedures, lab tests, diagnostic tests, medications and many others

Medical records online hosted review platform

We don't only code and summarize documents, we partner with our clients using our secure online hosted review platform. For example, we can provide objective coding while your team provides summaries at the same time. Medical records can be searched and flagged in multiple ways for further review or production.