Medical Coding for the Healthcare Industry


Medical Coding for Healthcare

Impatient, outpatient, LTAC or STAC coding and their related ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes have a huge effect on claims reimbursement. Hospitals need the highest level of quality possible to be successful. We partner with our clients to provide Managed Staffing Services in order to meet their needs. 

Managed Staffing Services for Medical Coding in Healthcare

We build and manage teams to follow our client’s specific custom workflows. These teams work with your in-house group as if they were any other team member using your applications, workflows, processes and communication protocols. Our managers strive to provide the highest level of communication, quality, security and client satisfaction. We recruit and hire team members who have the required experience to handle your tasks.  We build out a step by step process of your workflow and add in various Quality Control (QC) steps if necessary. Our managers insure that this process is followed, and all QC measures are applied. Our upper managers handle all employee related issues from quality and performance to ongoing training and career development.  


We staff team members with experience in the specific coding type that you require for your projects. Inpatient, outpatient, STAC and LTAC all require specific experience to be successful. Experience drives efficiency and a perfect balance between speed and quality.  The differences inpatient and outpatient coding regarding coding procedure and diagnosis are perfect examples. It is key to place someone with experience with the associated codes to be successful. 


A key point in the revenue cycle is having quality coding performed so that claims are not rejected. We work to continuously improve quality in several ways. We hire experienced team members specifically to meet your needs and your coding type. We document our client's workflow in a step by step manner that allows for accountability and repeatability. We  use bonus incentive programs based on quality for our team members. We use a high percentage of random team Quality Control or "QC" and audits to check for issues. Once found and fixed, that are used for immediate feedback and ongoing training.  We track Diagnostic Related Group (DRG) accuracy, Overall In-Patient Coding Accuracy, Individual Record Accuracy and Outpatient Coding Accuracy, to name a few.  


We understand the importance of proactive and quality communication.  Our teams work along with your in-house team. We strive on presenting a service that is transparent. We use chat applications for communications along with other standards like email and phone. We provide as many updates, handoffs and reports as required including regular client review calls. We also staff personnel in the US to assist in communications and to bridge any time, language or cultural differences.