Relativity Support Personnel


Relativity Processing

We have implemented a multiple step workflow to ensure that our client's specs are followed exactly and the work has been thoroughly QC'd prior to being delivered. Our team prides themselves on accuracy and client satisfaction. 

Relativity Hosting

Our team of qualified Relativity resources are readily available, to supplement and increase your department’s bandwidth on a given Relativity project or matter. Time-consuming or ongoing tasks that need Relativity support overnight or over the weekend, could be managed by GWS personnel thru completion. Whether it’s loading documents into Relativity, running a Production Set or various different types of tasks, we are here to assist.    

Relativity SQL Scripting

We know the importance of having the ability to customize solutions for complex Relativity workflows. GWS has advanced technical staff members who can orchestrate flexible SQL-based scripts to customize and augment Relativity functionality.

Relativity Infrastructure

It is paramount ensure your infrastructure is configured and maintained properly to get the maximum use out of Relativity. We have a group of senior Relativity experts who have built and managed dozens of Relativity environments. These experts are proficient in managing different types of tier levels. Over the past several years, they have worked with various Relativity instances to reach kCura’s Relativity Best in Service, which recognizes well-arranged technical infrastructures and demonstrated best practices.


eDiscovery Processing Support Personnel


Nuix and LAW

Our team members have multiple years of experience supporting Nuix and LAW processing workflows. We perform the various steps and stages so that you don't have to. 


Other processing and hosting platforms

We can support any eDiscovery processing  and hosting platform. Ipro, edt and multiple others. We can follow your workflow or build a custom one to suit your needs. 

Medical Claims processing


Online hosted review and collaboration

We don't only code and summarize documents, we partner with our clients using our secure online hosted review platform. For example, we can provide objective coding while your team provides summaries at the same time. Medical records can be searched and flagged in multiple ways for further review or production.

Objective Field coding & data capture

 Multiple fields can be captured in order to organize data for review or to perform key word searches across all data. We can capture facility, provider, date of service, document type and many others.  

Flagging of non-relevant documents & Identification of missing records

Non-medical records (fax cover sheets, tabs, etc.) are flagged and even removed from active set per requirement. Documents that may have missing records based on content are flagged

Medical Record Summary

Narrative summaries providing review the entire sequence of events

Capturing key data points

We identify and capture fields such as diagnoses, procedures, Lab Test, diagnostic tests, medications and many others

Multiple report and delivery options

Custom offerings


Custom workflow development

We can help you build a custom workflow, task management and record keeping system to fit your needs. 


Custom team member co-location

We provide dedicated teams of people for your firm's workflow needs. We hire, train, manage and provide dedicated areas for team members in Ahmedabad so that you don't have to. You can rest assured that you have great team dedicated to your success in the most cost effective manner.